Monday, January 21, 2013

The devout must say no to nukes seeing Truth

Re: Maha Kumbh Mela: Now a Harvard University case study
PTI : New York, Sun Jan 20 2013, 14:12 hrs
The Maha Kumbh Mela, considered the largest public gathering in the world, will be the subject of a case study at Harvard University, which will study the logistics and economics behind it and the "pop-up mega-city" that comes to life in Allahabad during the religious event.
If only all these devout people, who I guess are ardent believers in being good in thought, word and deed  follow their conscience and ask the government to stop nukes which are the biggest scam of all time, the rape of Mother Earth! One of the most profound facts is: Yogins, renouncing all attachment, do work only by the body, by the mind, by Reason, and even by the senses for the purification of the self(By the sweat of thy brow!). There is no pure reason for the non-harmonised, nor for the non harmonised is there Truth, and for one without Truth, there is no peace. And for the unpeaceful, how can there be happiness? Reforest Mother Earth to live!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

nuclear fuel cycles cause extinction

One submission in on 23 July 2011:

Open letter to nuclear experts

Marumori-machi, Miyagi

As a father who has evacuated his wife and children from our home near the mess at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant, I would like to share a couple of insights that will hopefully inform the debate, or the lack of one, that has been raging:

* It seems to be very difficult for the administration and the so-called experts who have visited the villages and towns of Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures to reassure us. We don’t know [what to believe or what to expect] because nothing like this has ever happened before. Forget about Chernobyl, Hiroshima and Windscale; the timelines, locations, climate, topography, wind patterns and groundwater systems are all different.

* Authorities have not taken systematic readings. Air, water and soil samples have not been taken in areas that matter. We have no benchmark, because samples were not taken before the nuclear plant crisis. The speedy radiation sensor system failed immediately after the March 11 earthquake because of inadequate electricity backup. There are no future projections of radioactive contamination and no model on which to base them.

* That livestock seem to be receiving more attention than children in the region is a disgrace. On March 10, we would not have been able to imagine that our children would be attending contaminated schools wearing dosimeters.

* Internal radioactivity will be passed on to our children’s children. Cesium will remain in the environment for 150 years. A parent can’t help viewing this threat as the result of unforgivable neglect. It’s past time that the authorities admit what they don’t know, and act now to move children out of contaminated areas and provide them with a chance at a future.

And let’s turn our minds to how to make this evacuation an opportunity for them, rather than wringing our hands over what we should do."

Quote ends.

Now begins my commentary!

It thus is a catastrophe whose true dimensions may reach every nook and corner of the earth for the next 100 million years!

To truly appreciate the truth or otherwise of this statement of mine you should see every post at since its inception from March 11 2011, when the 9 MM great earthquake struck off Honshu on the East Coast of Northern Japan!

There are videos, links and comments from the spectrum of human non-homogeneity on the sacred site.

For India my painful epidemiological study reveals a horror of untold magnitude applying the precautionary principle. The infant mortality due to the atmospheric nuclear weapons tests is 17.6 million as given in Table IMINA in the URL:

And Dr. Busby( has found out that the radiation in the filters at Fukushima is a 1000 times that due to atmospheric nuclear weapons tests. See

Report: Air sample in Tokyo 270 times more contaminated with Cesium-137 than global weapons fallout peak (VIDEO)

On this basis applying the precautionary principle, considering the source term at Fukushima, the infant mortality in India alone will be in the billions! That means India Human Population is headed to become unstable: see

Therefore the people of India and the world must realise that Fukushima man-made nuclear disaster has been caused by the cumulative synergistic effects of modern civilisation . Modern civilisation's exhorbitant water needs are being met by dams whose synergistic effects have caused disasters like the Fukushima earthquake and nuclear reactor explosion and melt- through as well as the 2004 Andaman Sumatra Great earthquake and tsunami.



and especially

Thus we are facing extinction level events with Fukushima making vast regions uninhabitable for centuries and with the terror awaiting us soon because of the cumulative effects of modern civilisation which is abnormal. We should go over to a normal way of life. See

We the people must in cooperation with other peoples of the world reforest the earth now.


We can force our governments to do our bidding because we are the masters and possess collectively enormous clout: Our living energy can do wonders as the Gita teaches us:

Living Energy. The people.

Now I will show you in a simple way how infinitely more powerful are we compared to the rulers and the MIC(Military Industrial Business Govt Complex). The West has given us the ballet. The East is yogic generically. And when the soldiers go marching on a bridge the bridge collapses when certain resonant conditions are fulfilled. Now consider a billion human beings synchronously performing yoga(talasan) or ballet. In talasan each of the billion beings raises his 70 kgs on the toe tips to cause a pressure surge on the small area of the toe tips( say .001 square centimeter) in 0.1 second, to give a pressure surge of 700000 tons/sq.meter or a water pressure head of 700 km in .1 sec or at the rate of 7000 km per sec! Thats each of the billion human beings simultaneously. And 100 to 1000 km per sec water head pressure at the centers of gravity of clusters of dams resulted in the great 9 MM Fukushima followed by a deadly tsunami and in 2004 26 Dec in the Andaman Sumatra area!

And it is generically via the fusion nuclear energy of the sun situated safely 150 million kms from Mother Earth!
The Gita says explicitly:
Yogins renouncing all attachment, do work only by the body, by the mind, by the Reason, even by the senses, for the purification of the self.

So lets all embrace a normal way of life where we practice safe return to the earth and realise the potential of life and not murderous greedy modern civilisation.